Random House presents the audiobook edition of Rise Up: The #Merky Story So Far by Stormzy.

Read by Stormzy, Akua Agyemfra, Alec Boateng/Twin B, Rachel Campbell, Austin Daboh, Kaylum Dennis, Flipz, Manon Grandjean, Ayesha Lorde Dunn, Tobe Onwuka, Fraser T. Smith, DJ TiiNY, Trevor A. Williams and Jude Yawson.

Words by Stormzy
Contributions by Team #Merky
Images by Kaylum Dennis

It’s been a long time coming, I swear...’

In three years Stormzy has risen from one of the most promising musicians of his generation to a spokesperson for a generation. Rise Up is the story of how he got there. It’s a story about faith and the ideas worth fighting for. It’s about knowing where you’re from, and where you’re going. It’s about following your dreams without compromising who you are.

Rise Up is Stormzy’s story, in his words, and the record of a journey unlike any other.

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