CONTENTS Pilate's Wife's Dream. Faith and Despondency. A Reminiscence. Mementos. Stars. The Philosopher. The Arbour. Home. The Wife's Will. Remembrance. Vanitas Vanitatum, Omnia Vanitas. The Wood. A Death-Scene. Song. The Penitent. Music on Christmas Morning. Frances. Anticipation. Stanzas. Gilbert. The Prisoner. If This Be All. Life. Hope. Memory. The Letter. A Day Dream. To Cowper. Regret. To Imagination. The Doubter's Prayer. Presentiment. How Clear She Shines. A Word to the ”Elect.” The Teacher's Monologue. Sympathy. Past Days. Passion. Preference. Plead for Me. The Consolation. Evening Solace. Self-Interrogation. Lines Composed in a Wood on a Windy Day. Stanzas. Death. Views of Life. Parting. Stanzas to —— Appeal. Honour's Martyr. The Student's Serenade. Apostasy. Stanzas. The Captive Dove. Winter Stores.
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