Conscious Spirituality
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We are what we make ourselves to be. From one perspective we're all separate individuals. From another perspective we can see ourselves as a unified whole. Imagine a gigantic sheet of aluminum foil with billions of tiny indentations in it, like protruding fingers. As individuals we're the dents. Collectively we're the foil. You can choose to adopt either perspective, or switch back and forth. As an individual your power is limited. You're just a dent in a sea of other dents. But you have an interesting perspective on the whole sheet. No other dent sees the same picture you do. No other dent experiences the sheet in the same way. The collective perspectives of all these individual dents add up to the self-awareness of the entire sheet. As individuals we help this reality understand itself. Acting through the perspective of the entire foil, however, we're much more powerful. The better we understand this foil, the more we can consciously...
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