David Copperfield
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- Annotated edition. 

In this edition you will find Dickens eighth novel, David Copperfield, plus a collection of many short stories, all representative of his unique talent. 

David Copperfield is told in the first person and the novel depicts the life of Copperfdield form his youth to his middle age. The novel focuses on the evolution of the main character, and some of its events are autobiographical. 

In addition to the novel and to the short stories collections, you will find how to access a free audiobook version of David Copperfield. 

In order to provide more than the other already existing editions of this classic novel, we selected and added the following short stories (some of them being collections) :

Master Humphrey's Clock (novella).

Doctor Marigold (short story).

Hunted Down (short story).

Mugby Junction (collection of short tales).

Reprinted Pieces (collection of short stories). 
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