This Book contains two novels : Eight Cousins, and its sequel Rose in Bloom, written by Louisa May Alcott, the famous author of Little Women.

Eight Cousins :

Rose Campbell, a sickly orphan, comes to live with her great aunts, who are the matriarchs of her wealthy Boston family.

With the help of her Uncle Alec, who returns from abroad to become her guardian, Rose becomes healthy and happy, finding her place in a rambunctious family with seven boy cousins.

The story also highlights an important friendship that Rose develops with her aunt's housemaid Phebe. A friendship that helps Rose to understand and value her own fortunate position in life.

Rose in Bloom :

This novel was written before Little Women, and already tells the story of a girl finding her way in the 19th century society.

Rose In Bloom is a sequel to the novel Eight Cousins.

Rose Campbell, who returns to the "Aunt Hill" after travelling around the world. Rose wants to be independent, but is surrounded by pretendants who want to marry her. What are their real intentions ? Love, or something else ? Will Rose manage to find this out, and will she find allies in her quest for the truth ?

This edition will please all lovers of classic literature, and is perfect for Young Adults who want to discover another time period, another writing style, and most of all, one of the first strong female voices of her time.
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