Endworld: Dallas Run (Endworld Series, Book 20)
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100 YEARS AFTER WWIII . . . The once-proud city of Dallas, Texas was a hellhole crawling with rats, a haven for savage hordes of criminals and killers. Survival there was nearly impossible, but one faction thrived: The Chosen, an army of people whose bodies and minds had deteriorated from drinking water laced with chemical waste. Fierce and insane, they planned to contaminate the entire world with their lethal poison. DALLAS RUN! Somehow, Blade and the Warriors had to make their way through the city's treacherous streets and obliterate the Chosen for good. They were outnumbered, but Blade wasn't worried - madness made his opponents strong, but years of physical training and the Bowies strapped to his side gave Blade all the strength he needed. The Chosen would die like helpless insects, crushed in Blade's impenetrable death grip.
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