The Madness of Lord Westfall
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Pierce Langdon, Viscount Westfall, is mad. Everyone knows it. He fell from a tree when he was a boy and woke to hear strange voices. When the voices grow stronger as he grows older, his family commits him to Bedlam. But what he hears are the thoughts of those around him—a gift to be used in service to the Order of the M.U.S.E.—until he falls again...this time for a totally unsuitable woman. Lady Nora Claremont hides her heartbreak behind the facade of a carefree courtesan. Viscount Westfall is the most confusing man she's ever met. He seems to know exactly what she wants...and what she's thinking. That’s a dangerous thing—because what Nora wants is Pierce. And what she's thinking could expose her as a traitor to the crown...
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