My Secret Life, Vol. 6 Chapter 16
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My Secret Life is the longest autobiography ever written. Penned anonymously during the 1800s by a wealthy and sex obsessed English gentleman who refers to himself simply as 'Walter', it offers an eye and thigh opening account of life behind closed doors in the Victorian era. Banned from publication for its extreme and explicit content for nearly a century, My Secret Life is now being released as a fully scored immersive audiobook, with narration and music by film composer Dominic Crawford Collins. Volume 6 Chapter 16 Gertrude's history. • Birthplace and parentage. • Her seduction. • Sister Margaretta. • Antonio's farm near Solferino. • Soldiers quartered on the farm. • The women hear and fear. • Before the battle. • Officers leave. • The soldiers lust. • The sisters ravished. • Twelve fucks in an hour. • The spend outside. • Gertrude's pleasure. • The gift of the watch. • The flight. • The battle. • Farm burnt. • The refugees in town.
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