My Secret Life, Vol. 6 Chapter 9
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My Secret Life is the longest erotic autobiography ever written. Penned anonymously during the 1800s by a wealthy English gentleman called Walter, it offers an eye and thigh opening account of life behind closed doors in the Victorian era. Banned from publication for its extreme and explicit content for nearly a century, My Secret Life has now come to life in the 21st century as an immersive audio book, narrated and scored by film composer Dominic Crawford Collins. Volume 6 Chapter 9 Fornication on a prospect tower. • At a Restaurant. • Two sisters, shop-women. • The drive to the tower. • A randy quartette. • On the tower stairs. • Legs felt and prick produced. • Fucking near the sky. • The second ascent. • The half-way landing. • Adultery at night. • A woman's intentions. • At Paris. • A creole for variety. • Tobacco versus fucking. • A negress for a change. • Amusements with a comb. • A recusant prick. • A determined entry. • Black on white, and white on black. • Fucked at last. • A sudden summons. • Free! Hurrah!
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