Novice Defender
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Now a Werewolf Defender, Jerrica must find her way into what she’s become and overcome fears she didn’t expect.

Being changed into a Werewolf Defender opened a whole new world to Jerrica—one she hopes to explore with her mate, Calan. Now able to take on her wolf Defender form and end zombies with her teeth and claws, she should have no fear of the creatures who have pretty much taken over. At least, that’s what she thinks.

But her experience with having been bitten and almost turned into an undead has left a scar she hadn’t counted on. She freezes when confronted with a zombie, and she can’t shake it.

While she is trying to learn about her new life and all it entails, Jerrica finds that everything continues to change—and not for the better. But going it alone is not an option.


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