SEO 101
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In this SEO book about the Basics of SEO 2020 you will: Learn how Google ranks websites and how to improve your rankings. Learn skills you can use as a freelancer, digital nomad or business owner. Start to build your digital marketing career with this easy to follow SEO course.
This SEO Ebook Includes:

1 - What the Heck Is SEO? You’ll learn what SEO actually is and what the different parts of SEO are.
2 - Why Is SEO Important? Understand why SEO is important and why businesses, either if they are big or small, should invest in the optimization of their websites. Learn about the four big advantages of search engine optimization.
3 - What You Need To Know About Search Engines Before trying to understand how to influence a website’s rankings in search engines, it makes sense to understand what a search engine actually is. Next to what a search engines is, you’ll also get an overview how they work. We will talk about the ranking factors more detailed later. To really understand the ranking factors of Google and its competitors you need to know about the purpose of search engines.
4 - The Most Important Ranking Factors There are hundreds of ranking factors that search engines use to decide which page ranks on top. The algorithms are changing all the time and Google & Co update their ranking factors and their specific importance a few times a day. That’s why you’ll learn about the most important and long-lasting ranking factors.
5 - Technical SEO As a website is super technical there are many things you need to be aware of. If a website isn’t in a good technical condition, users will face many issues and have a bad user experience, which will hurt its rankings. This chapter deals with the characteristics of a technically optimized website. You’ll also understand the differences between Technical SEO and On-Page SEO.
6 - Off-Page SEO You heard about backlinks before but you’re not sure what they are? This chapter got you covered! When it comes to ranking trillions of pages for a specific search query, it’s clear that a big magazine should rank before a small blog that your best friend just started a few days ago, right? Learn how backlinks help search engines with this! In the area of link building it’s important to understand that a backlink is not just a backlink and that backlinks can be totally different in their quality. This chapter teaches about the factors you have to keep in mind when you’re building links. Learn about what factors make a valuable link and learn about bad links.
7 - On-Page SEO & Content Planning The goal of planning content is to develop a result bringing content strategy. It’s necessary to find out what people are looking for and to make sure you create content people are actually looking for. For preparing a results-driven content strategy it’s important to do keyword research, as you don’t want to just guess what people want to see. In this chapter you’ll learn about the importance of keyword research and what factors make a good keyword.
8 - The Importance of Content Until now you've learned a lot about the basics of SEO This chapter will help you to understand why content is such an important part in search engine optimization.
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