Soothing sounds for ultimate deep sleep – 25 relaxing soundscapes in excellent audio quality
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This audiobook contains 25 soothing soundscapes in excellent audio quality to help you create the ultimate relaxed sleep environment (each 45-120 minutes long): •Soft white noise, •Mountain spring, •Fan/blower (2x), •Ocean waves (3x), •Chirping crickets, •Rainstorm, •Quiet summer night, •Hot springs, •Air conditioner, •Autumn rain, •Rain forest, •Creek, •Campfire, •Deep sea, •Wind in the australian outback, •Songbirds, •Rain shower, •Spherical soundscapes with deep alpha & deep theta impulses (3x) •Dreamlike music for massage, yoga, hypnosis, reiki, qi gong, spa, meditation (2x). MULTIPLE APPLICATION POSSIBILITIES This patented mindMAGIXX© program not only helps you fall asleep by superimposing noise, but is also ideal to provide concentration while learning, studying or at work. Perfect for babies, children and adults. WHAT YOU RECEIVE 25 soothing sounds in the best audio quality, recorded with the latest equipment and the best spatial atmosphere. HOW THIS PRODUCT CAN WORK FOR YOU For a good night's sleep, there are several phases that you go through. With each phase, our sleep gets deeper, our body relaxes more and our brainwave patterns slow down. We experience our deepest sleep phase when our brain reaches the delta wave state. Delta sleep is the phase in which the body regenerates and rebalances for a new day. Sufficient sleep is therefore essential for a healthy and productive life. This mindMAGIXX© program has been shown to increase Delta wave activity in your brain. The program has already helped many people to find regular, restful, and revitalizing sleep. Listen to one of the soundscapes whenever you want to sleep. Patrick Lynen is a pioneer in the field of audio-acoustic research. Numerous companies, health professionals, meditation groups and individuals swear by his mindMAGIXX© audio programs and their spectacular soundscapes that stimulate your brainwaves and bring them to a state of deep relaxation.
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