Breaking the Gender Code

Breaking the Gender Code


Rather than juggling the two worlds of career and life, what if you could create a third alternative, your own, new, evolved world: one that works for you rather than against you? Breaking the Gender Code not only unpacks why women feel the constant pressure to keep so many balls in the air but also where this pressure comes from. In the process, this comprehensive and easy-to-read book:

• reveals how the Gender Code unintentionally creates pressures, holds women back and limits potential

• dismantles the outdated motherhood, superwoman and having-it-all myths

• puts the Gender Code under the microscope and scrutinises the equation of productivity + business = worthiness

• provides tools and strategies to create individual solutions for your unique context

• shares tried-and-tested 'pressure releases'.

Breaking the Gender Code encourages you to realise your contribution is highly valuable in all your roles, and the skills and capabilities strengthened by being a parent and caring for others is a powerful adaptive leadership and career asset. You don't need more of anything. By using what you already have, you are able to get what you actually want.

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