Buchcover für Do-in Masunaga (eng)

Do-in Masunaga (eng)

Zen Exercises for Long Life


I am well aware that this booklet can appear as one of many in the multitude of publishing editions dedicated to Yoga and similar exercises.
I hope that the reader, instead of just looking at the images and commenting “Ha!… I have seen this all before...” investigates further
and starts to practise Do-In as part of his or her daily life. In the pictures illustrated in the booklet, I am 62 years old. I have been
practicing the Yoga of Meridians for a long time, and have obtained signifi cant, physical and mental, benefi ts.
The power of this discipline is that it successfully combines various oriental techniques. These are:
• Classical Yoga Asanas, which stretch the muscles of the body
• Biorhythm of the Qi using the Chinese clock of the Vital Energy
• Meditation (a practice developed in many Asian cultures) as a way of contemplating the physic and psychic phenomenon of the body.
The practice of Do-In creates a highly developed awareness on a physical and mental level, and without any doubt, frees the body from
many pains. In developing our intuition, this protects us from existential fear and anxiety as well.
The booklet alone, will encourage anyone to go deeper into the knowledge and application of these techniques, which are comprehensively demonstrated as part of the basic course of Shiatsu at the Te Hara School, located in Rovereto (TN) – Italy.