Buchcover für Everything is Broken and Completely Fine

Everything is Broken and Completely Fine


Miriam tried for most of her life to hide her mental illness. She hoped that if she pretended it didn't exist, nobody else would notice it either. That didn't happen.
Unexplainable rage attacks, persistent intrusive thoughts and a recurring overwhelming despair are difficult to hide. Working as an x-ray technologist through Covid-19 contributed to her declining mental health. In a desperate attempt to numb the pain and cheer herself up she reached for what society endorses as the ultimate relaxant: wine.
Alcohol made her mental health significantly worse, increased her anxiety and caused severe self-loathing. Instead of solving her low mood, it contributed to it.
Everything is Broken and Completely Fine takes you into the flawed brain of someone who's living with anxiety, depression, and PMDD. Set in the unprecedented times of a pandemic, natural disasters and life's unavoidable ups and downs, this book explores what happens when denial turns into acceptance, grey area drinking transforms into sobriety, and one woman finds herself where she's never been before – at peace.