Buchcover für Kazan



Kazan is three quarters husky and one quarter wolf, and struggles with these two sides of his personality. A part of him wants to stay with people, while the other wants to run free with the wolves. Furthermore, Kazan has been cruelly treated by his owners and in particular by a man named McCready. When Kazan and his owner, Thorpe, travel to the Canadian wilderness they meet McCready, whom the dog instantly recognises and the evil man plans to kill Thorpe’s wife, Isobel.

Why does McCready want to kill Isobel, and will he succeed? Can Kazan save the woman? What will the wolf-dog choose in the end: will he stick with his new family, or will he run away? Find all the answers in James Oliver Curwood’s famous adventure novel "Kazan" from 1914.

James Oliver Curwood (1878 - 1927) was an American writer as well as an unwavering nature lover and conservationist. As such, many of Curwood’s action-adventure stories were based on real events from the rugged landscapes of the American Northwest. He built himself Curwood Castle, which he used as a writing studio and as a place to greet guests. More than 150 motion pictures have been adapted to or directly inspired by his novels.