Buchcover für Living in the Light of Day

Living in the Light of Day


On a global scale, the disruptive, competitive, and challenging way of life most of us are experiencing, has resulted in many adults rethinking what's important to them ... what really matters in their life.

Are you tired of chasing other people's expectations of who you should be, what you should own, how much you should earn, and what you need to do to be successful? If so, you might have been caught in the Success Trap.

This book is an evidence-based blueprint to help you approach success across all areas of your life through a less complex, more practical, and accessible way.

With proven tips and strategies to help you strive to be at your best, even in tough times, you will discover why and how your intentions impact almost every measure of success in your life and how forming trust-based relationships is the foundation to living a more balanced, meaningful, flourishing, and prosperous life.