Book cover for Nerves and Common Sense

Nerves and Common Sense


Annie Payson Call's 'Nerves and Common Sense' is a groundbreaking exploration of the mind-body connection and the impact of emotions on physical health. Written in a clear and engaging style, the book delves into the ways in which stress and anxiety can manifest as physical symptoms, and offers practical advice on how to cultivate emotional resilience and restore balance to the body. Published in 1888, the work is considered a pioneering text in the field of psychosomatic medicine, a testament to Call's forward-thinking approach to holistic well-being. Drawing on both her own experiences and those of her patients, Call presents a compelling case for the importance of addressing mental and emotional health in conjunction with physical well-being. Annie Payson Call's background as a New England nurse and therapist lends credibility to her insights, making 'Nerves and Common Sense' a must-read for anyone interested in the intersection of psychology and medicine. This timeless classic continues to offer valuable guidance on navigating the complexities of mind and body, making it essential reading for modern readers seeking a holistic approach to health.