Buchcover für Piazzetta Paoli 2

Piazzetta Paoli 2


A parent on the run. A juridical error. A man who has lost his memory, but who doesn't give up. His journey to find the truth. A truth that would have been better not to uncover.
Sentenced to life in prison for a double homicide, he never confessed. He can't, he doesn't remember anything. Not only about that night, but about his past.
After ten years, they let him go once the real killers are found.
He finds out he is alone.
Once back in his city, seeing again the places where he grew up, memories begin to resurface. Of his first thirteen years of life, when he was happy, he had a beautiful family and a father who adored him. After that, darkness. He doesn't understand why, but he tries to start over. From scratch.
The encounter with an old friend of his father, makes him find out part of the truth. The father on the run. Him hiding in the car to follow him. A terrible accident that leaves him in an irreversible coma, according to doctors. But the thing he can't accept is that his father left him in the hospital, to his fate. He doesn't believe it, not for how much he remembers he loved him. He wants to find him, he has to! He needs to find out why he abandoned him. He thinks, hopes, that in those eighteen years of total darkness there is the answer.
The search leads him to Germany, China, Africa. In the end... he realizes that not knowing the truth would have been better!