Buchcover für The Golden Snare

The Golden Snare


Philip Raine is a Royal Canadian police officer, who is on the trail of a ruthless and wild murderer named Bram Johnson. The elusive Johnson roams through the frozen wilderness of Northwest Canada on a sled pulled by a pack of wolves. Johnson has lost his golden snare, made with a woman’s delicate flaxen hair. Raine is intrigued by the mysterious snare and is compelled to unravel its secret.

Why is Bram Johnson so wanted? Is it only because of the crimes he has committed, or is the main reason the golden snare he has in his possession? Will officer Raine manage to catch the outlaw? Will he be able to solve the mystery of the golden snare? Find all the answers in James Oliver Curwood’s tense adventure novel "The Golden Snare" from 1918.

James Oliver Curwood (1878 - 1927) was an American writer as well as an unwavering nature lover and conservationist. As such, many of Curwood’s action-adventure stories were based on real events from the rugged landscapes of the American Northwest. He built himself Curwood Castle, which he used as a writing studio and as a place to greet guests. More than 150 motion pictures have been adapted to or directly inspired by his novels.