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The Last Waltz

33 Stories About Beethoven, Diabelli and Piano Playing


"Sometimes I feel as if he's sitting next to me."
Buchbinder on Beethoven

No work has left a more lasting impression on star pianist Rudolf Buchbinder than Beethoven's Diabelli Variations. The Last Waltz explores the world of Beethoven, the publisher Anton Diabelli, and the musical Vienna of the early 19th century in 33 literary variations and offers a fascinating look at Buchbinder's personal approach to music: why did Buchbinder play the Diabelli variations at such a young age? How did he help to save Beethoven's manuscript of the piece? What does he think about while playing Beethoven? How much boogie-woogie is in Beethoven? Why should a musician trust him blindly when playing his music? And what inspired Buchbinder to send Diabelli's waltz to leading contemporary composers, reintroducing the Diabelli variations to the 21st century?
The Last Waltz brings marvelous stories of music and people to life.