Buchcover für The Magic Power Of Your Mind

The Magic Power Of Your Mind

How to Unleash Your Hidden Powers



THE moment you picked up this book, you held the key to rebuilding your life.

In the 367 pages that follow, there is set forth in plain terms knowledge that is scientifically sound, easy to understand and easy to apply to your own affairs.

As you read these pages—and as you fill in the very important sections that deal with you alone—you find out:
How to make of your life anything you want it to be.
How to free your days of the deadly monster, monotony, and fill your days with interest and pleasure and health and love.
How to make happiness a habit with you.
How to use every hour of the day—even your sleeping hours—to add years to your life and life to your years.

In the sixteen carefully arranged chapters that make up this book, you will read exactly how these things are possible. You will see they are possible for you.

Hardly a person has not said to himself: "If only I could change myself and do better!" And it is not only older people who look back and sigh over wasted decades. Young people, too, look back and realize they are not using their full powers, and think: "If only
I could change myself!"

This book shows you how to change yourself from within.

You have the power now. This book shows you how to find it.

The one great key: your Superconscious mind