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The Secret Glory


'The Secret Glory' follows the story of young Ambrose Meyrick, who is enchanted by the legend of the San Graal and the forces that kept it secret in his Welsh homeland. Ambrose’s Christian public school is a living hell, its violence and superficiality is a stark contrast to the true spirituality that he seeks. Thus, his only choice is to go on a quest for the Graal and become one with the past.

'The Secret Glory' closely parallels Machen's best-known work 'The Hill of Dreams' in its fascination with the hidden mysteries of art and nature waiting to be explored.

Jorge Luis Borges cited Machen as a great writer and an inspiration for the magical realism movement in literature. Notorious occultist Aleister Crowley also greatly admired Machen for effortlessly crossing over the threshold that separates reality and the magical realm.

Strongly recommended for fans of the 'Good Omens' series inspired by Terry Pratchett's fiction and starring Michael Sheen and David Tennant. Fans of the HBO show 'Lovecraft Country' may also find a true Lovecraft-ian treasure trove hidden between the pages of 'The White People'.

Arthur Machen (1863-1947) was a Welsh writer of supernatural, fantasy, and horror novels. Before his literary career skyrocketed he also worked as a journalist and an actor. His major belief was that the ordinary and external world surreptitiously conceals something far more mysterious and bizarre. In turn, we are deeply interested in trying to lift the veil enshrouding the threshold separating the two. His most acclaimed works include the classic horror novella 'The Great God Pan' and the semi-autobiographical 'The Hill of Dreams'.

Autor oder AutorinArthur Machen