Buchcover für Theosophy


An Introduction to the Supersensible Knowledge of the World and the Destination of Man


A Timeless Classic of Theosophical Literature.
Rudolf Steiner was the most prolific and arguably the most influential philosopher of his era. This book throws light on the development of the thoughts of this remarkable individual and reveals Steiner’s engagement throughout his life with the world of THEOSOPHY. The author's experience on the subject comes through in a clear and authoritative manner. It leaves the reader asking for more on the subject while at the same time the content of this book requires a few rereading to fully appreciate it. This work profoundly impacted the development of alternative spirituality in the early twentieth century. In summation, this unusual book is a must-read classic for all students of enlightenment—both novices and seasoned scholars alike.
Autor oder AutorinRudolf Steiner