45 Putting Games

try 45 to get better

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More focus on Golf and putting
45 Putting games will interest all golfers alike, keen on improving their score. They will develop a feeling not to put extra stress on putting technique but focus on feeling of movement.
These games will cause immediate interest to take up their challenge.
Each putting game tries to cause an interesting task. A short description is added to a drawing to set up your play. At the end your second ego will talk to you to help you master this game successfully.
Mental blockades originate from expectations set too high, of not believing in ones abilities as mistakes are too often set in mind and not achievements of former play. Try to get a feeling of harmony in movement but also in your mind.

Some hints may be useful e.g. draw a "house" near the cup with a sanding tin and its two holes , or use a CD to check your position above the ball, or use a ball with two halves coloured differently for checking on a square swing of your putter.
Support of mental strength will help to develop this special feeling for better harmony in swing being necessary for the challenges in precision and distance.
Breath down the stress in trusting one´s own abilities. Success on achieving good results will account in a relaxed attitude and special mood. Trust your own abilities and you will enjoy the game without doubt. So try it. Play those 45 puttings games.
Play Golf on a high level, and have fun.




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