Taste of... Bolivia

A food travel guide

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The idea behind ​​this book is to provide travel enthusiasts like me, a tool that allows them to live fully the travel experience. I think in fact that a trip should involve all the 5 senses, and what better place than behind a table in a little, hidden restaurant or facing a market counter, to use them all at the same time!

Too often it happens to visit near or far places, without knowing exactly what are the local specialties, or even convince oneself that a country does not have a typical cuisine... The purpose of this guide is to complement and enhance your travel, with a gastronomic experience. It is designed for an easy and immediate reference, before and during the journey. It aims to give you tips, support, and encourage you to choose and try new dishes, but will also help you to decipher often incomprehensible menus. My book, the result of years of culinary-wandering, aims to stimulate your curiosity, seeking to give you an intuitive idea about local food, unknown ingredients (sometimes peculiar), preparations, or dishes that seem to some bizarre or weird because unusual.

Being the result of direct experience and hours of talking with professional and local chefs, the goal is not to be complete but to be a useful tool. I'm fully aware that, having to generalize the kitchen by country and considering the contamination that can emerge from regions, neighboring countries, and cultures, some items may be incomplete, partly incorrect, or even missing.




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