Always and Forever

Always and Forever

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The new warm and engaging novel from the bestselling author of Best of Friends.

Read by Niamh Cusack.

What makes you who you are?
Your job? Your kids? Your place in the family?

For Carrickwell residents, Mel, Frankie and Cleo, the answer was once clear and their roles were firmly defined.

Mel had a career. Frankie was a busy mum with a college-going son. And Cleo was ready to step into the family business once she’d finished her hotel management course. Until the landscape shifted.

Now Mel’s job comes second to the guilt of being a working mum-of-two. Her marriage isn’t even on the page.

Frankie has her mothering vocation whipped out from under her feet when her son flies the nest. She’s suddenly redundant and her fractitious widowed mother thinks they now have more in common and can start doing things together, dodgy hip notwithstanding.

And Cleo has to watch the family business crumble along with her relationship with family.

But inspiration on how to go forward comes from the most unlikely source.

And the three women find that it’s not what you do that ultimately defines you. It’s something more…

Forfatter.Cathy Kelly
Oplæser.Niamh Cusack


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