Day at the Mall
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A man goes on a date, ill-advisedly agreeing to meet at the mall in the days before Christmas. The Midwest winter is freezing, the woman is scorching hot. He can barely keep his eyes off her, and how keenly he feels that she's turning heads in this mass of festive mediocrity. They have been on a few dates now, but it's hard to tell where this is going. He worries he might have messed everything up with a comment. He walks her to a shop she wants to browse, he has important mall things to do while she tries on bras. As he wanders the mall, observing its human scenery, he wonders anxiously how this date will pan out, thinking about the dates they've had so far, what she might be thinking and feeling. He daydreams about what it might be like to see her naked, and little does he know, he's about to find out, right in this very mall.
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