If a tree falls in a forest and there is nobody there to observe it, does it make any sound? Until very recently my answer to this age-old question would have been of course it does, don’t be so silly.
Only recently as I searched for scientific evidence to back up the theories on manifesting the life of your dreams have I changed my position on this. No, not just changed but completely imploded. The reasons why are revealed in this book and they will once and for all prove the existence and power of the law of attraction.
If you have been dreaming about a better life. A life of your choosing then this book (the final in the Manifesting Magic series) will deliver to you a simple but incredibly beautiful choice to make. You can sit back and observe life and by doing so send out submissive observational energy waves and just accept what comes back (living a reactionary life – like the vast majority of human beings) or you can decide now to take control of the energy that you are emitting into the universe and start designing the outcome you receive back.
There are only two options but whatever thoughts you create are going to have a dramatic impact on your life, so why not be in the driving seat rather than live like most people do as a mere blindfolded passenger.
• How the law of attraction works.
• How you connect to this powerful force.
• What quantum theory proves about us.
• How to consistently manifest what you want.
• Saying in balance with karma.
• Why gratitude amplifies the effects of cosmic ordering.
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