The Psychology Of Attraction For Women: How To Think Like A Man To Get The Guy You Really Want
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Have you ever wondered what on earth men want? After all, they seem to put sex ahead of everything else and yet complain they can't find a decent woman.
Doesn't make a whole heap of sense, does it?
Well, not if you are thinking like a woman, that's for sure. To get men, you have to understand how they feel, what they find attractive and what they really desire in a woman.
This is the book all single women of value have been waiting for. It is the blueprint for the male mind. The Psychology Of Attraction will teach you how to separate the men from the boys. Say goodbye to the lost little boys who only want a replacement for their mom. No more 'good-time Charlie's' trying desperately to cover up their low self-esteem with as many one night's stands as possible. You are soon to become both a radar and also a magnet for quality, high-value men of integrity.
When it comes to attraction, they say men are a switch, but women are a dial. There are a thousand shades of grey in between on and off. The biggest mistake women make is assuming men feel attraction the same way that they do.
This is not a guide on 'how to find a husband' like you need such a thing to feel complete! It's a comprehensive personal development program to show you how to love the woman you are and to project that confidence outward. The Psychology Of Attraction starts from the premise that everything you experience in life is a mirror image of what exists inside you. If you see yourself as the powerful, valuable woman you are, then you can expect to see the quality of the men in your life dramatically improve accordingly.
If you are serious about getting the man of your dreams or learning how to attract men of value wherever you go, this book may be the most important discovery of your life.
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