Vengeful Love: Black Diamonds
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The final, heart-pounding installment of the darkly suspenseful, sinfully sexy Vengeful Love series I loved him with all of me. It wasn't enough. Gregory Ryans was everything I wanted, but he didn't trust me with the truth. When I walked away from him, I should have known Gregory would follow. For a man like him, walking away—no matter the odds—is never an option. He's come to offer me the deal of a lifetime: his heart. All his secrets. Him. Forever. But at what cost? The past refuses to stay buried. There are things about his family, dangerous things even Gregory didn't know. This time, we'll have to fight together to save what we've built. To show our enemies that love like ours can't be destroyed. I believe that. Does he? Editor's Note: The Vengeful Love trilogy is best read in order: Vengeful Love, Vengeful Love: Deception, Vengeful Love: Black Diamonds.
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