The Way Of The Zen Cowboy: Fireside Stories From A Globetrotting Rhythmatist
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The Way Of The Zen Cowboy is a collection of 35 short stories from Grammy-winning musician, writer, and ethnomusicologist Barrett Martin. These stories are based on his personal experiences around the world, as well as wisdom stories heard from Indigenous people, grandparents, and some of the cowboys and veterans he was mentored by. These stories are built around 7 themes important to the evolution of a human being, those being: the cultivation of a spiritual practice; the development of one's character; the appreciation of music; a deep reverence for the environment; the importance of an astute political mind; the honoring of ancient wisdom; and the beautiful, ephemeral essence of the human soul. The book also comes with a musical soundtrack from the Barrett Martin Group titled, ”Songs Of The Firebird” which corresponds with stories throughout the book.
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