Christmas Eve at Hyde Mansion – Erotic Short Story
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”I was dying to be entered, I, who had never known the rod of a man, I who had been so proud of my virginity."
On Christmas Eve, 1907, Jane leaves London to join her fiancé in the countryside. It’s an arranged marriage that brings joy only to her father, who is happy to marry his daughter off to a lord. Through the writing of a letter, Jane makes her dear friend Cathy a witness to her encounter with her cold future husband and his family of in-laws, whom she rapidly discovers are kinky. So kinky that, to her great surprise, they will make her burn with desire more than shame, filling her with new sensual sensations. At the heart of the familial manor covered by a blanket of snow deep in London’s countryside, Jane will discover the magic of orgasm for the first time with the members and servants of this extraordinary noble family. Could this Christmas Eve force Jane to reconsider her aversion to the holidays? Born in France in 1989, Virginie Bégaudeau loves great romantic sagas that take the reader through history. She published her first novel, "Miss Elizabeth", when she was just 15 years old. Virginie has explored many different literary genres, from historical to road-trip erotica with "June" (La Musardine).
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