In Case of Emergency TAKE THE STAIRS
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The first book of The Unique Gathered Value Anthology
All depends on you… Do you want to come all the way to your own
Castle of Wealth or do you become lost in the Forest of Life.
Consider that again.
Only from the Castle you can see the Beauty of the Forest.
…However, even the good man kan make the wrong choice.
…However, one build a house in the rock and the other build on the sand…
It is one bad decision…and It can make the one survive and the other suff er…
…This is an Awaking Transformation time.
Consider that again…
You decide


Saga Marton
Personal Changes Instructor, Author, Painter.
Great speaker as well as listener.
Probably allways remains just 17 years young, even if her face ever shows some more years of experience.
Because nothing happens without meaning, she is thankfull enough for all that life prepered for her unmod-est and sometimes even arrogant person. But she thinks that it is not so bad to be arrogant … it is much worse to not to fight for yourself
She does not like to remind about basic rules to those who names themselves as bosses. In contrary, that is her aspiration to make anyone conscious enough to become independent.

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