Exit Stage Left (Unabridged)
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What an incredible journey this book takes you through. I could almost feel the pain that would be brought about by these manic episodes, and I have a deep felt respect that she was able to pull out of it. Talk about determination and the Power of the mind and will! I also have lots of respect for Rob in sticking by Tilly through it all. It's certainly not easy to be with someone who is diagnosed bipolar or Borderline Personality Disorder, and in most cases, the relationship doesn't survive. BPD is further explained in other books such as ”Stop Walking on Eggshells”, that will help you understand what it's all about, and to appreciate even more what Tilly endured all of these years. Coming from myself, who holds a PhD in Applied Sciences, I am quite familiar with chemical imbalances, and I can surely understand and appreciate the pain she endured, and how those around her could feel helpless in these moments of trouble. The book takes you through the years leading up to today, which I think is crucial to understanding that there was no real reason for the manic moments. Like Tilly, you must want the change badly enough to make the necessary steps towards it. I found this book to be an incredibly good read, and I would highly recommend it: either as a foundation to help in overcoming the condition, or to broaden your knowledge through someone else's eyes. Thank you, Tilly, for painstakingly telling us your story, and I know you'll stay true to your path.
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