Relationship Communication: Two Manuscript-ways to Improve Relationship Communication, How to Effectively Communicate About Serious Issues and Improve Communication in a Relationship
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How to Communicate About Serious Issues in a Relationship and Understanding the True Meaning of Perfect Relationships and Marriage
Communication is the foundation of any good relationship. Strong relationship intimacy may not be possible without effective communication between spouses. Even the relationship that is falling apart can be saved when communication is applied effectively. In the history of marriage, the bad habit of lack of communication contributes to 80 percent of the problems faced by couples.
The purpose of this book is to guide you through a couple of the most important communication mistakes. It will help you understand how you and your partner engage in these mistakes. It will also shed some light on where these mistakes have their origin and how you can spot them easily. It will also provide easy solutions that will help you nurture a healthier, more trustful and more harmonious relationship through communication.
This book contains
Understand the true meaning of perfect relationships
How to communicate about serious issues in a relationship
How better communication leads to a healthier relationship
Rules for effective communication in a relationship
The art of positive relationship communication
Ways to effectively become emotionally open in your relationship
Listening in a relationship
Solving intimacy problems in a relationship
Tips for positive communication in a relationship
The five levels of communication in a relationship
How to express your own thoughts and emotions in a relationship
Conflict resolution in relationships
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