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Acres of Diamonds: our every-day opportunities

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Acres of Diamonds is one of those titles that you cannot judge by its size. While small, the title is chock full of wisdom for those who aspire to make more of their lives. "Acres of Diamonds" is the story of a successful farmer in India named Al Hafed. Hafed is tempted by the allure of wealth and sells his farm to search the world for diamonds. Years later he dies penniless, having not found diamonds. However, back home the man who purchased Hafed's farm accidentally discovers a huge field of diamonds on Hafed's former land. Conwell uses this story to illustrate that success often lies close at hand, if you are willing to open your eyes and mind to opportunity. Conwell further suggests that most people are "pygmies of their possible selves," rarely achieving the potential of their innate abilities or local opportunities. Conwell also discusses his basic philosophy of business and gives several rules, or suggestions, for budding entrepreneurs. Conwell, who served with the Union Army, also mentions his encounter with President Lincoln just before his assassination. The book is simple and full common sense. Read and enjoy.