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The Invisible Resource

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In The Invisible Resource, Charles Fillmore outlines and describes in the most perfectly practical manner, the nature of the much-debated Kingdom of Heaven which Jesus Christ spoke parables about... as well the ways by which will or won't reach it. If you're curious to learn "Jesus' recipe", and how to implement it in your own life to experience unparalleled levels of peace and prosperity, then this book was written for you.
When you think of New Thought and its teachings, you may not picture a man born when the U.S. Confederacy still existed. Charles Fillmore, born in 1854, is one of the foremost theologians, philosophers, and thinkers in the movement we call New Thought today. A true American mystic who championed Christ's teachings, Fillmore’s writings and teachings were innovative and well ahead of his time.
Fillmore’s interest in the connection between our minds and bodies helped promote now-mainstream practices like meditation and vegetarianism, as well as our understanding of health and spirituality.
“He was downloading from the universe ideas that were later proven by science and medicine, particularly around the power of mind over body,” according to Rev. Ellen Debenport. “We know now that attitude makes a difference in our health, and placebos work because we believe they will, but that was radical in Fillmore’s day.” As one of the early leaders of modern metaphysics, despite our understanding of science having evolved tremendously over the past century, many of his writings still resonate strongly to this day.