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This e-book defines a plant-based diet and gives you all the healthy recipes you should prepare.

THE BASICS YOU DESERVE TO KNOW ABOUT A PLANT-BASED DIETWhat Is The Definition Of A Plant-Based Diet?Some individuals are embracing the diet, while others enjoy talking about the plant-based diet. However, there is a lot of confusion relating to the menu and its entire components. Regardless of whether we split food into its macronutrients such as sugars, proteins, and fats, many of us still have no clue about nutrition. Imagine that we could put these macronutrients together to save your mind from confusion and stress to make the diet simple for you.Whole foods usually come unprocessed from the earth. On a whole food plant-based diet, we consume some partially processed foods including, whole bread, whole wheat pasta, tofu, non-dairy milk, nuts, and seeds butter. All these are good provided that we eat them in moderate amounts.Well, take a close look at the following food categories;•Legumes(particularly whole grain lentils and beans)•Veggies and fruits.•Seeds and nuts(including nut butter)•Spices and herbs.The foods mentioned above make up a plant-based diet. How you can prepare these foods brings more fun to the menu. Seasoning, cooking, mixing, and how you match these foods give them an enticing flavor and brings more variety in your dishes. On reading this book, you will get exposed to a variety of recipes focusing on plant-based nutrition that will give you more ideas on what to prepare for your friends and family. Once you get used to eating such a diet, you will soon forget about sugars, proteins, and fat.Yes! Some people may get so picky on some kinds of food. But the advantage of this diet plan is that it is plant-based and gives you the freedom only to eat what you prefer from a wide variety. In case you do not like barley, you can settle for brown rice and vice versa. It is you to choose your favorite meal.Don't hesitate! Buy this ebook today and let food be your medicine.




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