Agile Coaching remains a prominent career progression trend for many Agile practitioners, such as Scrum Masters and Agile Project Managers who feel like they outgrew the shoes of their Digital Delivery roles.
This book is my attempt to summarize the learnings and observations from inside the Agile professional space, explaining in simple terms what an Agile Coach is really supposed to do, how they are different from Agile Delivery roles such as Scrum Master, and ultimately how to properly transition into a Coaching role - having basic knowledge, plan of attack and a simple Coaching Framework at your disposal.
While the majority of the other books on Agile Coaching cover the role and this professional sphere as a ”Destination”, I try and present it to you as a ”Journey” - that has its specifics, insider tricks, and might not be for everyone.
My goal as an author of this book was to create that extra angle - a viewpoint helping you obtain a more all-rounded perspective on what being an Agile Coach is really going to be like, should you step into a typical scenario of helping some company with their Agile Transformation at a medium to large scale.
- What makes Agile Coaching different and unique;
- Differences in methods from those of Scrum Masters and Trainers;
- Typical Coaching Journey outline within a Transforming organization;
- How to ensure you are set up for Success as an Agile Coach;
- What Tools to use and when? Your Basic Coaching Framework;
- How to measure Agile Adoption progress;
- What is Coaching Definition of Done, and why do you need one.
And a lot of related things that are both personal experience-based and relying on facts you could cross-check with other sources of information.
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