Are You The Next Bitcoin Millionaire?
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In 2016 Craig Beck started teaching people his 'Millionaire Mindset' and demonstrating that wealth and abundance have nothing to do with luck, background, race, geography or gender. Becoming rich is a recipe that if followed, is just as predictable as any other. This newly updated and extended edition takes a deep dive into Bitcoin, and it's power to 10x your money over the next decade. Discovering Bitcoin today is like being a front runner of the gold frontier several hundred years ago. Despite what many think, it's not too late to invest, you have not missed the peak, and the real opportunity is still to come.
Bitcoin is the very first digital money that is entirely distributed. The network comprises individuals like yourself, so no financial institution or payment processor is needed to make a transaction despite the wild claims of old-school financial advisors that this is a scam or a Ponzi scheme. Bitcoin's decentralization is the foundation of its impressive security and independence.
E-mail allows us to correspond free of charge throughout the world. Skype and Zoom let us make video calls for free, anywhere in the world. Now there's bitcoin. Bitcoin enables you to transmit funds to any individual on the internet! Nobody can stop the funds, freeze your account or control how you spend your money. Bitcoin is the money of the people not manipulated by any banking institution or state.
Bitcoin is more effective than all competing currencies. This will propel its adoption, in the same way, PC's were embraced so quickly because personal computers made life easier and better. Something becomes valuable when it's scarce, divisible, hard to destroy and has gained consensus and network effect. Bitcoin checks all these boxes; it is an exciting new frontier in money, and it's going to make a lot of people extremely rich.
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