40 days and nights
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That my heart’s voice called from a place within where I could not ignore it, or that its tone often played a melody completely different to the melody of others, was something I understood early on.
    Whether this was my karma’s payback or my blessing was not yet known to me.
    Neither did I understand that my journey from “person” to conscious presence had begun already long ago.
    I did not know, either, what I was getting myself into.
    The only thing I knew for sure was that, despite my protesting mind, my flagging steps were directed towards a sailboat destined to cross the Indian Ocean.

A book where you get to follow a challenging time in someone’s life, when deep reflections on the existence and purpose of humanity arise. A book full of wisdom, insights and excitement. A book that is written to be experienced not only with the mind, but also with the soul / heart.
Reviews of Iren Rinmad’s acclaimed debut novel, ”TigerLily, early spring bloom”

Book blogger - Ebbas bokhylla
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”An incredibly beautiful book”
I read through the book in a single evening. Amazingly beautifully written, with many lovely reflections on life. A book with great presence and energy. I absolutely recommend this book to everyone wanting to read a slightly different novel with verve and zing, as well as deep thoughts.

Book blogger - Bibliofilian
(The Bibliophile)

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”One of my favorite books of 2018”
One of my favorite books in 2018 was ”TigerLily, Early Spring Blooming.” A book the author herself describes as ”spiritual fiction.” It is the wonderful story of TigerLily, who lives a hectic life in New York but has begun to feel something is missing. Is this truly what is most important in life?

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”Well-written and exciting”
A very nice book that describes the beautiful within the small; and makes us pause and wonder. Well-designed characters in a story containing both wisdom and insight, as well as humor. Both well-written and exciting.

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