Are you facing a serious health problem and are looking for a cure?
Is Alzheimer’s or Dementia steadily encroaching on you and robbing you of your mind.
Do you believe that God would want to play a part in healing you?
The good news is that there are things that you can do that will help you to first cope, then thrive and ultimately even heal yourself, all done in a natural way that does not involve endless medication-Living Bible.
Inside this book, Empowering Healing and Hope Through Faith, you will discover techniques and advice that you may not have considered before
If you are facing a serious challenge in life, with Alzheimer’s or Dementia threatening your future, then you have to act. It has been demonstrated that faith plays a huge part in the healing process for millions around the world and with Empowering Healing and Hope Through Faith, you will find that to be true for you as well.
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