The technique of looking with open eyes towards the sun as a form of meditation has long been a mystery, kept in secret, so the strong energies we can harness would not be abused. For a long time there have been rumors and eyewitness accounts of many high saints and initiates living in seclusion in remote places, such as the Himalayas, who have practiced some form of Sun Meditation. Great men like Socrates, Ramakrishna, and Jesus are all believed to have benefited from this practice. We have now crossed a point where the common man is also trusted with this powerful technique.
Essence of Sunyoga is a manual dedicated to all humans. Sunyoga is much more than just looking towards the Sun, as it encompasses the entire Vedic knowledge. This manual shows us the path, how we can use all the balancing elements of Creation, to quickly and safely prepare ourselves, from the very bottom of our awareness all the way up to the highest level of Enlightenment. We will acquire superhuman strength to face any life difficulty without suffering, gaining the ability to live without food and water and become untouchable from our darkest enemies.

”This invaluable treatise on Sunyoga is a huge contribution to humanity...” - D. R. Kaarthikeyan, Former Director of Central Bureau of Investigation, Former Director General of National Human Rights Commission, Director General of Central Reserve Police Force, and Champion of Human Rights, Values and Responsibilities, New Delhi, India

”Through Sunyoga, the photos directly interact with the physical body like a two-way bio-internet, establishing direct communication with the Body-Universe system, taking the seeker to a higher realm of realization.” - Dr. Vikas Kumar, Distinguished Scientist and Ex-Director, DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Hyderabas, India
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