Improving Your Social & People Skills Guidebook: 77 Tricks on How to Improve Your Conversational Skills, Increase Self-Worth, Become More Confident and Speak Effectively. A Book Guide Perfect for Teens or Adults.
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Do you feel ”frozen and afraid” every time you're about to talk to someone? Do you wish that you have the social skills so you can connect with any person you want? Start improving your social and conversation skills with A.V. Mendez's daily actionable guide that will give you the best ideas to master the art of having a conversation and eliminate the fear of talking to people.
The goal of ”IMPROVING YOUR SOCIAL & PEOPLE SKILLS GUIDEBOOK is to give you 77 easy-to-apply ideas that stick - not just flash in the pan methods that will stop working a week from now. The goal of the book is to build a long-term habit of being social and being able to easily connect with other people.
In this book, you will uncover:
*The top 4 benefits of learning to improve your social skills and why they are so important to your success
*How to respond to a conversation without trying to steal their thunder!
*Say this one thing and watch them blush... (and then see how this changes their behavior when they're around you)
*The exact script to follow when you want to acknowledge someone's opinion (even if you don't agree with it)
*Why remembering someone's name can make or break a new relationship
*The one thing to avoid when you're talking to someone whether on video or in real-life
*The art of active listening and how to implement it
*Why you should invite people to dinners
Imagine being able to connect with anyone. Imagine being able to talk to people with ease - no awkwardness, just the pure joy of having a conversation. Now, you don’t have to imagine anymore. In this book, I am going to show you 77 easy to apply methods that will help you improve your social skills. Grab your copy today
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