Let Your Spirit Guides Speak

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Audiobook: 9/2/2021

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This clear and thoughtful introduction to building relationships with spirit guides and angels shows listeners how helpful they can be in everything from the simplest to the most challenging of decisions and how easy they are to connect with.Spirit guides help us accomplish the following:- Fulfill our purpose.- Make decisions that move us forward faster.- Stop sabotaging ourselves as well as judging ourselves and everyone else.- Remember that we are more than our job or house or relationship.- See ourselves as beautiful and everything in life as a gift.- Give ourselves and everybody else a break.- Keep growing until the day we leave our bodies behind.- Go beyond the life we hoped for and onto the life we’ve never even imagined.And they do all of these things when we're ready and not a nanosecond before. They also often come quietly. As the author states, If we expect help from Spirit to arrive with the sound of trumpets and blinding light, we'll overlook all the nuanced help that's delivered in small ways every day.
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