NLP MASTERY: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, How to Influence People, Reprogram Yourself and Maximize Your Potential Through NLP
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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the most common & prominent term using now. It has many benefits as well as its application are covering our daily routines.
Do you want to Learn about NLP?
Do you have Interest in covering whole aspects of NLP terminology?
Do you like do influence someone with you NLP strategies?
Do you want to make vast your business with NLP?
Do you need a reprogramming or refreshing situation sometimes?
Do you want to reduce or release disputes or conflicts of your society with the help of NLP?
Do you want to know anchoring techniques & its benefits?

If the answer to any of these questions is ”yes," no need to panic. This book will give you exactly what you need. Through this book you will learn:
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Its History & Origins
Some prominent types & examples of NLP
Fundamental Pillars & Principles of NLP
Levels of Neuro Linguistic Programming
NLP Meta Model & its Aspects
How NLP helps in Business & its Benefits
What is Reprogramming & its impact on our lives
Business & Artificial Intelligence’ applications of NLP
How to influence people with NLP techniques
Disputes & Religious Summaries of NLP
Brief description of Reframing & Anchoring

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