Radiant Heroes - Episode I: A Fantastic Youth
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The first installment of M.C. Grimm's epic-fantasy legend narrated by Josh Cronan.
Minotaur, sorcerers, reapers, ancient weapons, and pancakes. In this world of magic and monsters, a young boy is gifted with the power to heal impossible wounds. He lived the life of an exceptional cleric until he was left orphaned and taken in by an formidable group of monster hunters. Now, they struggle to survive as the kingdom is thrown into chaos by a villainous demigod who is set on recreating the world in his image. An unlikely group of heroes assemble to defend their freedom.
Betrayal, passion, friendship, romance, sorrow, and every sensation of emotion will be felt as the fate of the world depends on their quest.
Prepare for the auditory journey and experience of a lifetime.
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