Self-Improvement & Motivation for Success Bundle: Improve Your Self-Confidence, Increase Your Self-Esteem, Learn to Influence People and Create Charisma on Demand
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Learn How to Master Influence & Respect, and then Build Unstoppable Self-Confidence!
Are you someone who always has doubts about yourself? Do you wish that you could create unstoppable confidence so you can do everything you desire? Then this book bundle is for you. Here's a preview of what you will discover in this 2-book compilation:
BOOK 1 - Build Confidence and Self Esteem Guidebook
Where ”real confidence” comes from and how to harness it
The difference between self confidence and ego ... and it's probably not what you think
20 easy to apply strategies for improving self-esteem that you can do today
What is ”Inevitability Thinking” and how this method can help you solve your laziness
Things that you should stop doing that are affecting your self-confidence without you noticing it
How to be confident even if you're shy and an introvert
Why Social Influence will have a big impact on your confidence and what you can do about it
How to deal with the inevitable failure - learn this skill and you'll start to develop an unstoppable mindset that you can use forever!
How to acquire the ”student mindset” that will help you grow your confidence on yourself in the long-term
BOOK 2 - How to Influence People, Get Them to Like You and Earn More Respect
How to create value on other people's lives so you can get anything you want
Why being the best in what you do is the key to gaining anyone's respect
Why understanding someone's perspective will make you a master influencer
The one thing that you can do to almost instantly achieve celebrity status in your market
Why being too nice will doom your reputation
The real difference between confident and arrogant and how to become the former instead of the latter
A simple tactic that instantly calms your nerves. Do this so you don't get into situations that you'll eventually regret
and many more tactics for increasing your status and value to the world!
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