Simple PLC & HMI Programming Project - A Batching Tank Ladder Logic and HMI tutorial for learning PLCs
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This tutorial will help you to level up your PLC programming skills. In this tutorial, I walk you through with a video simulation, how to build a simple PLC programming project using RSLogix 5000. The project is a simple batching system that is excellent for anyone who wants to acquire more skills in industrial PLCs and HMI programming.

The tutorial covered in this book, and the accompanying video simulation (link is given in Chapter 6), illustrate a simple batching process where three ingredients are sent into a mixing (batching) tank. The mixture is discharged once the process is complete.

The PLC and HMI Programs implemented provide a user interface used for monitoring and controlling the batch at each of the three stages of the process, which are Start, Stop, and Discharge.

The method presented in this project is one that is usually employed in the real world industrial automation. The information in this book is very valuable to anybody looking for a way to level up their skills in PLC programming.

Finally in this book, I provide a great opportunity to lay your hands on more exciting PLC programming projects and video tutorials to help you develop more skills in industrial automation.

Table of Content
1. Introduction to the PLC & HMI Project
2. Types of Manufacturing Process
3. What is Batching?
4. Importance of Batching
5. Simple PLC & HMI Programming Project
5.1 Understanding the PLC Program Layout - Inputs & Output
5.2 The HMI Controlled Batching
5.3 The Batching PLC Programming
6. Video Simulation & Reference Codes of the Project
6.1 Video Simulation Tutorial Transcript
7. How to Get More PLC Programming Projects & Video Tutorials
7.1 More PLC Programming Tutorials for You
7.2 Other Helpful Resources
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